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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Clarke Scott

Why not use FeedBurner?

Cameron Reilly

ummm to do what?

Rob Irwin

Can't see any reason for it staying, Cam.

Before when you asked this... a year ago... whenever it was... I said stay, because it seemed like the right thing to do.

I think now, however, you're closely aligning yourself with G'Day World and discussing many of the issues from the show and even though it doesn't feel quite right, I think the momentum is with you that it's probably the smarter of the two options to move over there.

My last post here... wah... :)

Clarke Scott

I say use cameronreilly.com along with FeedBurner to manage the feed...many benefits plus
if your life makes another directional change in the future (like what has happened to me recently) you won't need to move your blog again.
Then just cross-post to G'Day world :)

This method gives you the most flexibility moving forward IMO.

Miriam Parkinson

I agree with Rob that it doesn't quite feel right but there's certainly no point in double posting everything so I guess its probably the best way to go.

It'll take some getting used to. I like this colour scheme.
(Shut up I know that's a ridiculously girly statement)

Nik Cubrilovic

I would recommend to keep a seperate personal blog since TPN one day might not be yours anymore so you need somewhere to go back to :)

Keep a personal blog, but get your own domain for this blog so it is portable, Typepad locks you in


I agree with Nik, keep a personal domain.

Rob Irwin

Are personal blogs and domains that important? I blew away 1000 odd entries I made in 2005 and never thought twice about it. And I've closed my 2006 blogs prematurely because I just couldn't be bothered anymore. If I start blogging again in 2007, does it matter that I've missed a few months? Similarly, if Cam returns to this URL in a year or two after he's sold TPN and mad a million, does the gap really matter?

Cameron Reilly

Thanks folks I *do* have a personal domain - cameronreilly.com. That's where you are.
Nik if I ever sell TPN I think it'll be with a non-compete clause which will prevent me from blogging and probably from going outside my house for at least a decade. I'll grow my fingernails really long like Howard Hughes and *finally* have time to watch the entire back catalogue of Buffy re-runs.

Miriam Parkinson

So I'm guessing you're not planning on selling TPN then?? :-)

I need to get around to seeing the earlier buffy seasons. I've only really seen them season 5+

Bob M

Good luck.

william dutton

i don't mind it being on tpn, just allow the text to start on the left edge, like your old blog, so that we don't have to scroll down 2 pages for a 1 page item.


Phillip Molly Malone

Hey Cam,
I think it is brillant that you have moved your blog to TPN but I personally would rathered that it had its own "Channel" rather then mixing it up with G'day world. I think that way apart from leaving Gday world pure, you would have might have been able to:
1) Import this complete blog (including comments I believe)
2) Possible throw up quick and dirty audio comments/podcasts about what your up to and not feel pressured (not that you ever feel pressured) that it have to meet the quality or subjects of the G'day world (what ever the heck that is these days ;-) )podast.

One thing to watch is that by having a whole heap of text posts that new subscribers still get a good helping of the podcast when they subscribe to the feed.

To me the best thing about the move is that you won't have the split comments as you do today. I guess the bad thin for you is that you will find that you can lose some google traffic in the move from Typepad (and there permalink method) to Wordpress and its permalink method (one has .html at the end of the posts and the other doesn't). You might look at fixing this (I believe there is ways of doing it but was to technical for me to try to work out with my little history) or you could look at the "Landing Page" plugin that I have used to get over this some what. The Landing Page plugin see when a vistor has come from a search engine, looks at the search query and then gives other pages of interest for those terms on your site.

Hope this helps, and give the US a big Aussie shake up.

PS. Say hi to the Devil and Jason when you see them for me!

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