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Tuesday, October 17, 2006



A good background article for any software entrepreneur in AUS.

Problem is that if you become an entrepreneur after you have family commitments (kids), financial commitments, etc it is much more difficult to move to the USA. So does this mean that you need to do this early in your life???

Martin Wells

Nice job Cam! You big star!

I quite liked the article. Paints a good picture of startups in Aus looking for VC.

Frank Arrigo

way to go cam. (good photo by the way)

josh has done a nice piece and very positive coverage for TPN.


I just got my copy, and a strange look as I'm wearing my geek t-shirt today.


A good story and I think everyone came across well in the article. Even the VC's spoken to admitted they were out of their depth in the current climate regarding funding for Web 2.0 companies.

I can see Cam's next Ebay auction "One autographed yellow Geek shirt as seen on the cover of The Bulletin magazine" :P

Phillip Molly Malone

Was flicking around the channels this morning and what confronts my poor eyes but some weirdo on the front of the bulletin in gay "Elvis" sunnys! Skelton and whats-his-face where doing some interview about some story in the Bulletin and they showed a pic of the cover as a lead in (and to try and sell more copies I guess).


Miriam Parkinson

Got my copy on the way to uni.


Jodie Miners

Hey Cam, congratulations. Hey forget about being a millionaire by 30, I thing getting on the cover of Australia's premier news magazine* by 36 is a huge acheivement. Can't wait till you're on the cover of Time Magazine now - lets say before you're 40?
Good luck in the US and hoping you get way more than the $15m.

*Well maybe not the premier news magazine for long... Cam, you need to write a post about the end of Australian Media diversity and how the government has just sold out to pressure from the Packers...

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