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Wednesday, October 18, 2006



Nice Cam! Is that for real!? You cool bastard, you!

The "young guns" line made me laugh. With all your silver hair and dark fuzzy hands, I guess forty really is the new 20!


I kid! You're only 35 right?

Cameron Reilly

"dark fuzzy hands"??? LOL. You make me sound like Hank McCoy. I'm *just* 36, Mark.

Miriam Parkinson

He he he fuzzy hands...
Well you don't look like George Clooney in the slightest but you do pull off the distinguished thing he has so I guess that's close enough.
The photo looks great. My friends at uni were confused as to why I was reading a business magazine but were actually rather impressed when I said that I'd met you.
Seems being on the cover of a magazine gives you automatic celebrity status.

Cameron Reilly

What status do *you* get for meeting someone who is on the cover of a magazine?

Whaddya mean I don't look like Clooney? He's got silver hair, I've got silver hair... and let's stop the comparison there shall we?

You make me laugh with the "distinguished" line though. Yeah, the $10 Elvis sunnies and the GEEK shirt really scream distinguished, don't they? :-)

Miriam Parkinson

Well when you're wearing a suit and you've taken the sunglasses off for a couple of seconds you look distinguished :-p
Its the sort of attractive that makes guys like George Clooney and Antonio Bandaras improve with age whilst some other guys just look... old.

Any status I ever gain from such associations tends to be immediately dissolved when I overbalance when sitting on the arm of a sofa and fall off it backwards or get kicked out of a lecture for saying 'glow in the dark underwear' a little louder than I intended.


I like it! Very 'about to change the world'! Congrats.

There are adverts in the UK between CSIs on Ch 5 for Yell.com, and everytime I see them I think of you.. have you gone into subliminal advertising?


Cameron Reilly

What is it about the adverts that reminds you of me Wendii?

Nick Gonios


Great photo mate and what about those glasses!!!

Go web 2.0 and keep up the great work.....

Just about to announce a web 2.0 play...watch this space!


Nick Gonios
Co-founder & Exec Director, Community Development


I found them online - http://www.jimjackson.co.uk/ Well, he's very cool dude, a little bit ranty and his interogation technique is just like I imagine yours would be if you were a cop (see clip 3rd from left on the top row). And he's hot (it says so!) just like you.


Cameron Reilly

And he wears Miami Vice clothing! Just like...I did in the late 80s.


Hi Cam

Read the Bulletin lastnight.

Good luck with the big trip. Maybe we should all try a trip to the west coast every once and a while!

Go for it Cam!



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