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Friday, October 20, 2006


Miriam Parkinson

I like that.
Although everyone knows that joby-joby, whatsimmyjig, thingamybob, doodad and whatsit are all magical terms which any technical person trained in the discipline in question will automatically understand the meaning of. Hence conversations like this:

A: Are you ready for me to attach the doodad to the whatsit.
B: Nah I need to connect this joby-joby first.
A: Right. Do you need me to pass you a thingamybob for that.
B: I'm right dude. I've got this new whatsimmyjig, it works much better.

(then a long conversation along the general lines of "oooh shiny" follows)


Hey! I say 'Roger that.' Seriously. For real. When I'm working.

I'm cool. In fact, I may even be hella cool! :-)

BTW, I think that joby-joby may actually be spelt jobey-jobey.

Does anyone else use the term jobey-jobey?

Cameron Reilly

LOL okay Colin you've convinced me that saying "Roger that" is hella cool so I'm going to start using it on a regular basis. I'm still confused as to the particular application of the term joby-joby regardless of the spelling. Please explain.

Miriam Parkinson

joby-joby is used do describe anything and everything.

As in "have you seen the joby-joby" "can you pass me the joby-joby"

And yes he does assume that I know which particular joby-joby he's talking about at any given moment and gets cranky if I deliver the wrong one.

Miriam Parkinson

btw he has an excuse for saying "roger that" he works in telecommunications and uses radios a lot.


Hella cool! Tell you what Cam, you start using "Roger that" on a regular basis in your podcasts, and I'll start listening to them! Should be easy enough, I'm pretty sure mim has copies of them all. I'd need to make my life a lot more MP3 friendly though...


Incidentally, mim gets the right jobi-jobi (sp?) probably 90-95% of the time, thereby vindicating the extreme usefulness of the term.

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