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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Miriam Parkinson

Finally you bastard! I've been bored to tears over the past few weeks without any podcasts, and I'm in the process of moving so I need twice the usual amount of audio entertainment.

Elle Brown

Cam I will miss your shows - anyway good luck with the investment.


P.S. Loved the story about the Bulletin cover!

Phillip Molly Malone

Elle, we may let Cam move to the US, but fucked if he gets out of doing the show. I want to hear the show where he goes down to the Podshow office and shits on the door step or something like that!

Good luck man.
PS. Hey Rich, if you read this, its your can to take over G'day world and get rid of Cam! If you need a co-host, skype me!

Cameron Reilly

Thanks Elle but you ain't getting rid of me that easily. I'll be doing this show until they cut out my tongue and throw me in Guantanamo. And then I'll still to it by tapping morse code on the bars of my cell with the truncheon they use to anally rape me when the UN inspectors leave.


Good one Cam, just when I've crushed my iPod Nano.
Good luck in the USA. We want postcards n podcasts. SMS for emergency packs of Vegemite & Tim Tams.

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