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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Rob Irwin

Well I pissed myself laughing last night and this morning because Sky News keep doing reports on packer selling off a chunk of ACP and they have this recently shot footage of ACP magazines in a pile which they use as 'filler' footage, and the Bully is on the top... so I keep seeing you on Sky News. And cacking :)


Ditto on Sky News... everywhere I turn there's Cam's face!

Rob Irwin

It's like a nightmare :)

Miriam Parkinson

The really weird thing for me was seeing this (http://www.flickr.com/photos/19516956@N00/273538916)
outside the newsagent next to uni.

They *never* have business magazines out the front. Its always FHM and chick mags.

Cameron Reilly

Well with my mug on the cover, the Bully is now officially a chick mag! :-)

I want one of these. Just emailed Josh to see if he can get me one.

Good to see my mate Sarah near me as well.

Phillip Molly Malone

I know that news agent, and apparently they normally have a problem with dogs releaving themselves out the front. Since they put the "Bully" cover out the front, no more problem. Apparently the dogs just yelp and run off!

Paull Young


I'm working my butt off at Indy up on the GC so I haven't had time yet to congratulate you.

Well done mate! I'll be picking the mag up for a read next week.

Best of luck on the US trip.


I got an extra copy if you want it Cam.

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