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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


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Phillip Molly Malone

Come on, own up! Your watching the AFL Grand Final and you kicked the family out, right?

Cameron Reilly

shit is that on this weekend? I might go to Sydney instead.

Russell Crowe

spearmint rhino or goldfingers

Cameron Reilly

thanks Russ, I always knew you were a class act.

Phillip Molly Malone

Good for you Cam! I knew secretly you where NRL fan and going to Sydney means you can support the local boys (Melbourne Storm)!

Shane Williamsonz

Go to church and learn about free will! :-)

Paul Montgomery

Poker game? I'd be there like a shot. Make it so, Number One.


Cam the Melbourne Fringe festival starts this weekend. All the shows in the North Melbourne Town Hall hub have 2 for 1 tickets on Friday night. www.melbournefringe.com.au.

Rob Irwin

shit is that on this weekend? I might go to Sydney instead.

Yeah, and considering we might win the cup again, you'll get even more of it up here if you fly up ;)

Phillip Molly Malone

Thats alright. We will take the NRL title!


This weekend I'm seeing Earth From Above, Da Vinci Machines and going to Olinda Village. But check everything out on That's Melbourne & Upcoming.org

Cameron Reilly

sigh, I was hoping I'd get invited to a cool party or something. I shoulda known you geeks would be boring. I need to hang out on some cooler blogs. Geoff, Fringe sounds like the go. Thanks for the reminder dude. I actually offered to podcast the Fringe but they never got back to me, so I'm kind of reluctant to give them my patronage, but I guess I can get over it. :-)

Miriam Parkinson

Funny you should mention that Cam, I'm going to a poker night/party on sat night :-p

Cameron Reilly

well do I get an invite?

Miriam Parkinson

I'm not sure its your scene... Its pretty much an excuse for a bunch of engineering students to get wasted and gamble.

Miriam Parkinson

I would have thought you were far to old and mature for that :-p


Too old maybe but defiently not more mature.... :P


There's Meetup.com as well, pick a Melbourne one with lots of people already going.

The Fringe is always great, there's always awesome stuff on there. Take your video camera and do some videocasts from the street.

Cameron Reilly

I'm not old! I just *look* old. Come on people. I'm 35. For at least another 2 weeks.

Miriam Parkinson

Its ok Cam, I'm hardly in a position to be calling you old my boyfriend is like 8 years older than you, and its not *old* its distinguished :-)

Paul Montgomery

Holy shit, you're only 35? You're only two years older than me! Geez, I feel old now. :D


Hmmmm.... if you had have asked this question about last weekend I'd say "High Vibes", but clearly that's over and done with... I'm sure something will turn up though...

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