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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tony Goodson

Insipid! I've listened to Meatloaf's version of Bad for Good.
There is something very wrong. It sounds like a cabaret singer being asked to do an imitation of Meatloaf singing Bad for Good, with a home produced sound backing track.

You have a good singer, a good song, and Brian May. Where has it gone wrong? You'd think in 25 years the production of music would improve. But no. The producer needs shooting. The voice track is muffled, and the rest of the music tracks are muffled to produce a Wall of Muffle! Nothing stands out, including Meatloaf.

Jeez, how difficult it to get Meatloaf to sing, more Brian May twiddles, some Cowbell and rolling drums, more backing singer bits and all kept separate and simple. And do it with even more irony than than the Jim Steinman version.

Surely the production of music has improved, and nostalgic old gits like me harking back to the good 'ol days, can't be right.

I wonder if Meatloaf has ever listened to Jim Steinman's version of Bad for Good! Meatloaf doesn't deserve to carry the mantle of Bat Out of Hell. It should remain with Jim Steinman. Most people would find this difficult to believe, but it's Jim Steinman's music and production that made Meatloaf and Bat Out of Hell, and not Meatloaf's voice.

I'll have to listen to the rest of the album, but if they can't get this song right, what hope is there!!

Cameron Reilly

Tony you're right dude! THat said, the new version has been growing on me. But the most shocking thing is that you are right - Jim Steinman wasn't involved in producing the album! In fact, there was some legal conflict between him and Meat over the use of the Bat name, as Jim owns the rights to it. Check this out:

The album was produced by Demond Child which makes my "reminds me of any one of Alice Cooper's post-Constrictor albums" comment crazily right! Child produced "Poison", the single off of that album, along with lots of other stuff by Alice, Bon Jovi, Kiss, etc.

Tony Goodson

Yep, that's what I was alluding to with the legal dispute over the "Bat Out of Hell" rights.
I've played Meatloaf’s Bad for Good more times, and it does grow on you, but if you or I were given the song to produce and arrange do you think we could come up with something better than a similar but slowed down version?

It’s like modern music production won’t allow the voice track, or backing vocals, lead guitar, drums, or something else to show up too much or too often, and yet the whole point of Jim Steinman’s music is over the top Wagnerian cut-ins and counterpoints, not some bloody metronomic muffle.

Funnily enough I’m more likely to play the Meatloaf version, because it’s good background music, where the Jim Steinman version you have to listen to because it’s got heart.

Tony Goodson

Hey look what I found!

Nice Chick! I wonder what happened to her?
That's how the song should be produced and arranged!

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