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Monday, September 25, 2006


Phillip Molly Malone

Don't get ahead of yourself, tomorrows only Tuesday.
On the Telstra Podcast, I was subscribed to it for a while but not sure I ever listened to it.

Michael Specht

It can be found here www.google.com ;-)



Cameron Reilly

oh yeah. damn this is going to be a long week.

Rob Irwin

What? You're not coming up to Cisco Networkers?

Frank Arrigo


last one was in may

i wonder if apple will sue telstra for using the word podcast???


Hey, get me an invite.

Though I need to post this week's NWAT blog.

Then you will see the power of a fully operational mothership amigo



Hey, get me an invite.

Though I need to post this week's NWAT blog.

Then you will see the power of a fully operational mothership amigo


Steven Lewis

Four podcasts between December and May: you're lucky to be catching Paul Crisp at all. He must be run off his feet.

Cameron Reilly

hehe I'll ask him about that Steven.

Cameron Reilly

hey Thomas, how come you post on your own blog every day but only on the Telstra blog once a week at most?

And when are you introducing me to Tara Moss? :-)

Thomas Reynolds

My own blog can have random crap- whereas the t-blog is indeed a once a week thing.

I am soooo busy at work there is little time to actually take time out and moan about life...


Thomas Reynolds

Oh and Tara Moss knows things about you....


Sorry, but i gotsta have her to myself


Cameron Reilly

tom you obviously know little about women. Those things are EXACTLY why she'll want to meet me as soon as possible.

Cameron Reilly

oh and Tom? you have no chance dude. you work in a call centre for Telstra. I'm a global media guru. C'mon.

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