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Monday, August 28, 2006


Delicate Genius

Another option would be to use last.fm. This way you're contributing to a greater (existing) community and perhaps not contributing to piracy even, if you're so inclined.

Here are some tags to get you started.



Miriam Parkinson

1. Marvin, and Reasons to be Miserable - Polydor, 1981
2. Whilst not actually an album I figured it deserved an honorable mention because they're hilarious songs, disturbingly addictive and a fabulous tribute to Hitchhikers, voiced by the original Marvin the Paranoid Android Stephen Moore. Hooray!
3. They're impossible to buy because they were originally on vinyl and no one can be bothered to resell them, however you can download them all for free here:
4. Why bother with other peoples opinions when they're free anyway. Also they're kinda unknown so its a little hard to find peoples opinions... But you can see a tribute to Marvin using one of the tracks on YouTube here:

PS my personal favorite is Reasons to Be Miserable.

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