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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Richard Giles

Jesus Cam, you've got the worst memory. We chatted about it a coupla months ago.

Any suggestions for venue?

Phillip Molly Malone

Sounds good. Will see if I can make it.

Paul Montgomery

I'm being eaten by a Web entrepreneur.
I'm being eaten by a Web entrepreneur.
I'm being eaten by a Web entrepreneur...
and I don't like it very much.



Miriam Parkinson

Tequila... good, tabletop dancing... unlikely unless I have too much of the former, and fortunately for you I've never even heard of interface design and as far as I'm concerned databases are fine so long as they leave me alone.
Seems I qualify...

ben barren

im always hungry to eat some underflipped malnourished burger with dilusions of barbados and nothing but a crappy app and a burning sony laptop battery. bb


For a great selection of tequila, there's always Viva Zapatas, Carlton.

If no one cares about dinner, The Order has a rooftop bar.

Cameron Reilly

Thanks Cait. How about we shove the venue suggestions into the Upcoming entry?


I was going to, but you've picked one now!
Not sure if they're going to have tequila...

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