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Tuesday, August 29, 2006



With all due respect to your mum...she probably got the link from a friend in a mail and click on it. She watched the video and found it pretty cool and she thought you might like it or even better you might want to interview those Dutch dudes for one of your podcasts...

Or is your mum already an addict of Google Video?


That's exactly the point!
Google Video is as easy to use as clicking on a link.

Be on the lookout for Anne Geddes videos.

Mark Jones

Hey Cam. Agreed, but that "Maslowian need" is still why MSM attracts big ad dollars, particularly TV. And yes, that share is declining etc etc. What interests me is how the link sharing idea will feed back into the content creation side of MSM. It's already happening, and will get stronger in response to the new media threat.

Cameron Reilly

Mark, that's possibly a big oversimplification, don't you think? The reason MS gets big ad dollars is that they were the ONLY game in town for the last 100 years. Restriction of supply does not equate to lack of demand. :-)
The media landscape is long overdue for a correction of the supply vs demand equation and now it's starting to happen.


I will gladly pay for the content I want.

I want fresh content, not a 2 year delay after the US release.
I want the sections of the newspaper I read, without the stuff I don't.

This is basic stuff to supply, but it's just not available.

It's the main reason why piracy is so attractive to so many these days.

When people have money and are willing to pay, but no one is supplying it, it's an unbalanced equation. An illegal free download seems less unfair when the content can't be purchased in the format it's wanted in, at the time it's wanted.

Content producers needs to remember that people want to enjoy their products, not feel like they've been ripped off or that their time is being wasted.

Looking at most people's DVD collections, there's a habit of producers to force customers to watch advertising that can't be skipped, in a product they've paid for.

MSM only still attracts big dollars because advertisers aren't sure where to go when they leave MSM behind.

They already know half their advertising is wasted, soon they'll just stop paying for that half.

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