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Monday, August 28, 2006


Thomas Reynolds

Good stuff Cam. I think I can take something from this too

I really, really dig your sunglasses. They are wonderful

we can agree on that right?


Cameron Reilly

Thomas, you are obviously a man with good taste! BTW, Mark Jones (IT Editor, AFR) said of you yesterday "Telstra finally has a *real* blogger!". :-)

Rob Irwin

He's identifying more with Catholicism these days, is he? Interesting... because his mum was Protestant; his early church forays were with a pretty progressive Protestant bunch; and he was even married in a Protestant ceremony. He's often joked about "sitting on the fence" because his Dad was Catholic, but interesting that something in the book suggests to you that he's now extremely Catholic.

Cameron Reilly

Actually Rob you might have a point. There's a lot of talk about Catholics and Prods in it and I havent really paid much attention to which side of the divide he sits on. But he's very religious either way.

Rob Irwin

Without a doubt... and I think his own fence sitter comment is probably the most apt way of describing him. Because I think he appreciates some of the greater freedoms of his Protestant side and upbringing, but I've also seen him pipe up with some comments that would make the Pope proud.


One thing I've been taught is if someone has 10 bad points & only one good one, try to focus on their good one. Sounds similar to Bono's method.

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