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Tuesday, July 25, 2006



I was recently in Brazil, and I picked up a local business magazine to browse during a domestic flight there. And who do I find in it? Yes, Mr Turmel talking about his show in a two-page report.

The Podcast Network is really taking over the world...

Wayne Turmel

Wilson, I just got that magazine in the mail and was amazed at how long it was, how much time they spent on that picture..... now if I can only get someone to translate it for me.... did they like me?????

Cameron Reilly

wilson, that is hysterical. It's not TPN that's taking over, it's just Wayne. He is Mr Everywhere. I couldn't believe how cool the picture was either!

Bob M

That's a great article. Lots of good information.

Cam, your readers can save the time and trouble of registration and get login usernames and passwords for the Chicago Tribue and lots of other newspaper sites at http://www.bugmenot.com


Wayne, I don't have the magazine anymore, so I can't translate the article... but, from what I remember, yes, they liked you very much.

(if you send me a scan of the article, I'll send you a translation back)

Pat Williams

Let's face it folks - Wayne is on a rocket ride of popularity because he's able to translate all that management babble into common sense survival instructions for those of us who toil in the vinyards of middle management. Wayne for President... wait - even better - Wayne for Benevolent, Omnipotent Global Ruler!

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