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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Bob M

That's a good result.



I encourage you to be very careful in how you handle the advertising on the podcasts. Look to Triple M as an example of what you should not do - place the same, long advert at the start of all podcasts. It irritates me so much, I have decided to boycott Sustagen. Instead, I suggest that you place a 5 second advert at the start and a 15 second at the end. Get the brand recognition in early, don't piss of the listener and you will find that people will listen to the ending advert.


Cameron Reilly

Thanks Mike. I agree - we have to handle the advertising very sensitively. I think a good approach is to have the host of the podcast talk briefly about the company/product/service rather than a pre-recorded ad. What do you think?


Hate to bring up the podshow word but they ended up doing something similar. They started advertising deal with Earthlink and it wasn't too long till everyone was sick of the same ads being played over and over. They then made a deal with earthlink for the masses to make their own Earthlink ads in a competition.

I don't how it turned out but it had to be better than what was currently being played for a few months.. It was almost as bad as the motorola ads you were playing last year.

Cameron Reilly

yeah I learned with the Motorola ads that having the same ads in every TPN show for several months is not the ultimate experience. This time we've got lots of different advertisers so it should be a different approach.

Ken Richards

Hey Camerom, just listening to your Napoleon 101 podcast. Brilliant!! Would love to chat with you sometime. What part of OZ are in? I'm in Sydney. Cheers, Ken.


You want to make it work, and according to most of the research, this will happen mostly by not making the customer feel that a significant amount of their time is taken on advertising. Unfortunately, having the host speak of the product will do this. Let's assume that most of your listeners will have an ipod type device and listen to shows on a playlist. This will mean they must listen to or skip to the end for the podcast to be marked as played. Keeping a 5 second advert at the start will mean that you get the brand recognition for repeat listeners who have listened to the full add previously. You could then place a 15 second advert at the end.

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