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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Phillip Molly Malone

Dude, on hint for you! Get on the Tag banwagon! Example, Tag that Techcrunch mention and you would have a much greater chance of getting Mike reading it.
PS. Isn't your 2web buddy, Nik Cubrilovic buddy, buddy with Mick A?


First thought about reading that bro- is I know the feeling...wow 250K is a buttload of users...

the only thought about the comment on "getting Tech crunch Mike to read it" is screw the web2 crowd...he is a not a bad guy to drink a pint of beer with and he does great work. but tech crunch and anything web two dot oh! isn't it...I say keep focusing on what your doing Cameron your on a good thing bro a really good thing keep it up. Make the world sit up straight and listen!

What can we (I mean Pandora Squared and the technology small world network) do to help you? lets support each other we are the ones with bloody knuckles, the ones who keep on doing it versus talking about it...
Hey do you want a social network?
Do want it to work on mobile and 3g?

Come on who else can throw in...lets do it Potluck BBQ style I bring the Coopers Sparkling ale and social software engines...you bring the listeners...who else hears me?


Just remember the little people when the 50K ads start rollin' in Big Guy

Cameron Reilly

Potluck BBQ... hehe.

Phillip Molly Malone

Did you ever work out how to game Techmeme? Is there anything we can do to help in that process.

Cameron Reilly

nah I cant get ANY of my posts to even register up there. Who do I need to talk to about that? Even some of the recent posts about our ebay auction, which are getting loads of trackbacks, arent registering on techmeme.

Phillip Molly Malone

Okay, I will let you in on a secert (and I have had a chance to write a post yet. Been a big week in Footy). Drop the name of A-list bloggers, add technorati and icerocket tagged links to your posts. Hope that they read in there ego feeds and this gives you a chance to have them blog about you. Here are some suggests:
1) Joe Jaffee
2) Scoble
3) Buzz
4) Steve Rubel
5) etc
6) etc


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