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Friday, July 28, 2006


Geoff Appleby

I've never liked Flickr. But it depends on what you want it for. If it's just somewhere to get images hosted so you can link to them, it doesn't really matter.

If it's for image galleries, I'm a pretty big fan of SmugMug. Hell, I can even give you a $5 discount voucher :) http://www.smugmug.com/?referrer=svihDvdt7e7yo

Phillip Molly Malone

I think flickr is still the leader in the club house. There is more that integrates with it. Its upload options are better (especially the upload via email and the options with that. I am actually going to use that to get around BigPonds counting of upload traffic against your account and to integrate it with ACDsee (sort of)).

On Zooomr's case, you can get a free account off them pretty easy. On the negitive, they have shown me that they have that much different then flickr (especially when you look at what others are adding for flickr).

In the end, its up to you though. I took up Zooomr free offer but still resigned up for my flickr account.


Des Paroz

Like Molly, I took up the free Zooomr Pro account. Very nice, but apart from the geotagging stuff (not that useful for me at this time, but nice to play around with), I find the uploading tools for Flickr (Uploadr) to be heaps better.

Flickr integrates with my website galleries using a WordPress module quite well, so for now I am quite committed to the Flickr path.

I also played around with SmugMug, but its very expensive (even with the $5.00 option( and just doesn't seem to have the extensibility of Flickr.

Phillip Molly Malone

Oh, and Geoff, Any chance you might donate back the $16 odd bucks you would make if we used that URL as well? ;-)

Richard Giles

Flickr is my suggestion, but I'm biased :)

One point might be worth considering, if it's a factor, is that Flickr has just spent a year migrating to a rock solid platform. Now that is out of the way I'm sure we'll see more features added. Zooomr on the other hand is fresh, and is going to have to go through those growing pains, so you'll see instability and a slow down in adding features.

All that depends though Cam, what features do you need?

Geoff Appleby


Perhaps :)


Ben Barren

rich - there wont be any new features to flickr. its been absorbed. nothing happening here kids. move on.

signed gemaya.

Stewart  Butterfield

Hey Ben, wanna bet?

(I'm biased towards Flickr obviously - but I am a fan of SmugMug as well ... different products for different needs.)

Richard Giles


What Stewart said :P

Thomas Hawk

Hey Cameron, as Stewart is obviously biased towards Flickr, I'm obviously biased towards Zooomr. That said, we are going to continue to innovate as quickly as we can at Zooomr. We just recently launched Zooomr 2.0 and added a bunch of new features. We have more in the pipeline coming soon.

We also recently launched a free Pro account for bloggers campaign. This also applies to podcasters as well. We provide 2.5 gig of monthly upload where other sites might provide less. We also recently introduced trackbacks to Zooomr. As far as know we are the only photo sharing service that will show you directly where your stuff is being blogged outside of Zooomr.

But let me turn this another way. What services are you looking for most in a photo sharing site? Let us know because if we don't have them today we want to build them in the future.

On the flip side, we still have some bugs. We still have some things to work out. But we are working on these as diligently as we can.

Oh, by the way, here's a link on our free Pro account for bloggers offer: http://blog.zooomr.com/2006/07/07/do-we-love-bloggers-yes-we-do/

Thomas Hawk

Actually Cameron, here's a better link for our free Pro accounts for bloggers offer.




Cameron Reilly

Thanks Thomas. Kris contacted me yesterday as well. It took me about half an hour to work out my OpenID password from when I signed up months ago. I haven't figured out yet how I use my Google login. I uploaded my first photo and it seemed pretty straight forward. I can't see any upload tool yet. The photo I uploaded happened to be a picture of a town in France so it was a good opportunity to use the geotagging which is pretty simple and cool. Can't wait until my camera has GPS built into it to automate that process and to make it more accurate. All in all, I can't think of any features that I rely on that Zooomr doesn't seem to have, apart from the upload tool. Keep up the great work - I think I'm going to stay! By the way, as I mentioned to Kris, you guys should be some advertising on TPN podcasts, especially on the Digital Photography Show.

Cameron Reilly

Here's the photo btw:

Des Paroz

And they should also be advertising on the Surface Interval Show. A lot of content about underwater photography, and a lot of uw photogs are listeners!

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