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Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Cameron, ask Rich about this when he gets back from LA. Been a while since I was in Perth, but I recall a coffee shop in the WA Art Gallery. On the wall it has an ascii picture of Marilyn Munro done in brown and white coffee mugs, hundreds of them. While you are in the coffee shop, you are too close to be able to make out what it is. Looks like some weird random display of coffee mugs glued to a wall. It is not until you are 20 or 30 metres away to get the right image resolution that you can see what it really is. Quite cleverly done. I had coffee there with someone who had been going there almost every day for a couple of years. She had never been able to figure it out.. It was only that I had first seen it from a distance, while I was trying to find the right coffee shop, that I was able to solve the puzzle for her. (much to her annoyance!)

Dave the Lifekludger

Shoot Cam....that unannounced ASCII image of Bill SCARED me! Don't you dare do that again!

Bob M

I think that NOT having nude pictures in the public domain should be the disqualification rule for Miss Universe - Australia. However some of those pics in Ms. McNaught's modelling portfolio are scarier than Bill.

Cameron Reilly

wow Bob I think you just hit on a great idea. Because, seriously, how do we know they aren't guys in drag unless we see them nekked as a zebra? Wouldn't want those trannies suverting the minds of the kids or anything...


I think she should be allowed to compete beacause they walk around half nude anyway with three little its of matiriel covering them and the shooot was years ago plus she rang them and asked if it was ok before she competed and they said it was fine....!!!!

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