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Monday, June 26, 2006


Phillip Molly Malone

Didn't fully hear the story but there was something about newspapers raising there prices in Melbourne (again?). Is this just another sign of the end of the paper based Newspaper? I know I read most of my news on their sites. I really have to start looking towards Google News as well!

JMTC (might be a bit off topic)

william dutton

i just started a job at woolworths, better than maccas for a uni student, and its amazing the amount of magazines that they rip up every week just because they did not sell. i bet its the same for newspapers as well.

also it seems abc is closing in on the sweet nugut that is Dr Who 2005 season or 2006 which ever way you want to read the newest season, their just i'd say 12 weeks out from UK, which is ok. because they won't do what the other channels do, make it so hard to watch that the audience drops off.

now if someone can give me a channel that is all japanese animation straight off the jap tv, and just subbed properly 24/7 i would pay to have it, if it has no ad's or just 1 ad saying who sponsored it just after the title.


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