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Saturday, June 24, 2006


Michael Specht

Thanks for this Cam, looks like a great tool I it would be great to get some feedback on your experiences.


Hi Cam,
I've been playing around with Companionlink for a bit and it seems to work quite well. I haven't run into any issues yet. My JAMin is set for push mail from an Exchange Server, which was something I initially thought would cause a problem. This is certainly a good solution for me: I maintain two Exchange accounts, with the JAMin being my source and the others the targets. At least now I might have a central calendar with everything in it!

Cameron Reilly

well I'm jealous of you Manfred. I finally got CL working with my Google Calendar but every time I've tried to run it since then it's just crashed. I sent a tech support email to the vendor a few days ago but haven't had a reply yet.


maybe it has something to do with the option you've selected? PocketPC sync thru Outlook is the one I'm using...

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