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Friday, May 26, 2006


Phillip Molly Malone

It probably says that SBS are doing a good job (especially when you add one of the other big talking points of Soccer (both the Socceroo's and the World Cup (wheres the Podcast dude? big oppertunity here)) are all on it.

I personally love the Iron Cheif. Its a great and different little program. I actually noticed that their is an American version of it. Just wonder how long until Eddie or one of the other Australian media barrons takes it on and we have Iron Cheilf Hewy!



Oh I miss SBS something fierce. Though I did get to see Eurovision courtesy of the BBC. Iron Chef, Kommissar Rex, awesome foreign movies, I miss them all.

Rob Irwin

What does it say about TV?

In all seriousness, it says that Australian viewers have been way slow to catch onto Eurovision and the Iron Chef.

In the case of Eurovision, this is, culturally, quite spectacular given that Australia's favourite pop group ever, ABBA, got its start at a Eurovision. You'd think this might have twigged in people's brains long ago and had them tuning into future installments which we've had every year... but no...

As for Iron Chef, it's hardly a new show. Again, viewers taking a long, long time to catch up. So, sociologically, I think it says more about Australians than the actual TV!


Heard of Eurovision years ago in the 80s or was it the 70s?

Does it say more about the cost structures of Australian Media & the associated risk management skills in a time of only 4 networks then 5 networks then ....?

But what would I know, wouldn't have watched it in the 70s, don't watch it now. ;)


Molly, I'd do a World Cup podcast... except I'll be in the pub watching the games. Getting one of the Nerds FC guys would be a clever move.

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