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Saturday, May 27, 2006



yay! I can hear it!

does that make me a young troublemaker? :)

Miriam Parkinson

I can hear it, the reason why its so annoying is that it beats on and off so your brain can't cut it ou

Rob Irwin

I can hear a squeaking noise, like a squeaky wheel on a bike turning around. There is also background noise, like people playing in a playground.


i can hear someone giggling :S


I cranked it up LOUD and at that point I could make out kind of a staticy ringing sound that fades in and out. On lower volumes, can't really even hear it. It doesn't really bother me, even when it was cranked up loud. I'm 21.


I couldn't hear it at all; only the normal background noise of people going about the usual activities. Probably because I am almost 59 years old & pretty deaf in one ear & can't hear out of the other...:D

Mike P

my nine year old son heard it - and then described it to me in glorious detail, but I could only imagine. Ironic - kids helping us to use our imaginations....
I used to have a gadget in Jakarta that supposedly emitted a high-frequency sound that annoyed the hell out of mozzies... seemed to work although it didn't do too well with all the other jungle bugs that invaded the house.


I could hear it too - at just shy of 31 years of age. I think I would find it intensly annoying if I had to stand there for a while...


Just backdround laughing and tapping... but I didn't hear it...

Too many concerts maybe.

K -31


My kids could hear it when i tried it last week but there was nothing for me...even with my very expensive deep in ear headphones on.

william dutton

i hear it, would love if someone could clean it out and only leave the high pitched sound so i can use it for a ring tone ;)

karl robinson

i want to know if you can feel the noise? because i've got a 200 word essay to complete

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