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Friday, April 28, 2006



Getting the back off is no probs. But there is almost no way to get a replacement drive as it is a very specialised size and provided only to apple. If you do get somewhere let me know.

Cameron Reilly

there are lots of sites out there showing you how to replace the hard disks Ben. Surely they are available. Just have to know which one to get.

see---> http://www.notpopular.com/blog/comments.php?blogID=63

Thomas Reynolds

damn, I want to get my ol' 40 giggerwatter up and going agin- for the Mrs mind... not as a spare for me of course (ahem)

iPod Repair Expert

Well, unfortunately we don't have a store in Melbourne, and just like most of our customers, you'll probably find that there isn't a place for iPod Repairs or iPod Repair Parts in your locale. If you still need help, you can check us out at www.ipodmods.com

Unfortunately Broken iPod Screen and iPod Hard Drive Repairs are far too popular, but we try to help, so if you still need it, use the coupon code "geekdeal" at the checkout.

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