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Monday, April 24, 2006


Phillip Molly Malone

Better get use to this kind of thing dude, seems your in for about another 6 years and 364 days of bad luck. Man, never knew that the breaking a mirror meant the bad luck started so quickly!


Cameron Reilly

haha i hadn't thought of that...

Rob Irwin

The Ninja with no pants! Love it!

Still, could be worse. I was having a cuddle with one of my cats last night and he started looking at my neck in a REALLY disturbed way and got EXTREMELY worried.

I looked down at my chest... and there was a massive spider on me! I actually acted quite calmly, stood up, brushed it off with my bare hand... then squashed it.

My calmness was actually quite weird, because I don't really like spiders at all.

william dutton

any pictures of the gore?? maybe a picture slideshow of it getting better ;)


I feel your pain - quite literally.

I dropped a full bottle of merlot on my bare little toe a day before that Coolum trip we did. My toe tripled in size and went purple. Not pretty.

still hurts to touch a little even today.

Cameron Reilly

ouch Dazza. you never showed your pain! you must be one of those folks who internalizes it. not healthy dude. bitch moan complain and get sympathy I always say. :-)
did it hurt on the flight? I'm heading up to Sydney this week, not looking forward to having it cramped in economy and in taxis. although i have to say it hurts a lot less since the doctor pulled it back into position...


A lesson to be learned....never try to use self sticking tape to hang things in places where there is moisture. I assumed it was double sided tape or some such & not screwed? (the mirror that is.)

Cameron Reilly

actually mother I had this special suction cup thing on the shower holding my razor for years. apparently it wasn't strong enough to hold the mirror as well...


wicked thxs neva new dat

jennifer sibley

One day i tried 2 break my toe by shutting it in the window this did not work ne tips on how 2 do it properly


Why on earth would you want to break your toe deliberately? Breaking ure toe/foot in an acccident is bad enough... You must love pain huh?


i have always wanted to break my foot any ways to do it with out having it severly broken just enogh to get a cast and crutches?


Yeah simple drop a bowling ball on it ;)


I have also always wanted to break a foot just enough to get crutches. I want a purple cast! I'm just to scared for when it hurts. I keep on smashing my foot against things though. Anyone with ideas please help me...


WHY....would you do that????????OUCH!!!!!!

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