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Monday, March 27, 2006



Had the same problem at work. Changed the time an hr forward and it soon reset itself. So what I did was change the time zone I live in to be Solomon Islands so its +11 hrs instead of +10 hrs. Worked fine for the rest of the day tho being on a business network I an unsure it will remain that way. Well it's only 1 week.

Mike P

there is a download form Microsoft to fix this - chekc out this

Cameron Reilly

Thanks Mike but does that fix the Pocket PC timezone or just the desktop? Doesn't seem to have helped.

leisa reichelt

I've been battling with this today as well and have discovered a little 'fix'.
Assuming you've downloaded and installed the patch - if that still doesn't work, then you need to open up the date/time properties display and toggle off then back on the 'adjust for daylight savings' option.

voila. fixed.

I never know if its surprising or predictable that the old 'get out then get back in' approach rides again.

hope this helps :)

Cameron Reilly

hey leisa, where is that setting? I spent ages looking through my pda for it and couldn't find it!

Mike P

Hey Cam, can't be much more help with the Pocket PC side of things - not using one at the moment... I just came across this download in my travels and thought it might be useful...

Leisa Reichelt

hey Cam,

I haven't checked if there is actually one of those toggles on the PDA version, but I'd imagine there would be...

you go to Time/Date properties, then there's a tab called 'Time Zone' and the little daylight savings toggle is in there.

Cameron Reilly

Leisa, still can't find it. I don't have a Time/Date properties thing on my PDA. Maybe cuz I'm running the hacked version of WM2005? :-)

leisa reichelt

that could be it.

oh well. only a few days of pain left :)


After this daylight savings nightmare ends and we can get Outlook back to normal with real and accurate clocks, go to the 'Folder List' part of Outlook and right click your calendar folder and use the 'Advanced Find' to grab your messages (use filters to eliminate holidays etc). It is ugly though you can work with the raw .msg e-mail type message format of the appointments in the calendar.

Cameron Reilly

Thanks Stephen but then what? Grab them and....?



Have you tried downloading a special patch from Microsoft? It adds an additional timezone. Once installed, select the new timezone and your appointments should'nt be out by an hour....It works, I promise!

Good luck! I hope it all works out!

Ian Bren

Don't forget to back out the change as soon as you can - so you don't end up making appointments for next year in this "Uncommonwealth" timezone.

Cameron Reilly

I think I'll just back out of Outlook instead and find me a calendar which isn't going to frak with my timezones without asking permission!

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