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Friday, March 31, 2006



I'm think Noam is wrong about his two meaning of "globalization". I think there are three meaning.

Noam talks about a ‘literal’ meaning and a ‘technical’ meaning. I see both as political meanings. I call them the ‘left political’ and ‘right political’ meanings, respectively.

My third meaning, that I call 'technical' (maybe I should pick another name) pertains to the underlying changes in the 'real' world that human societies are responding too. Namely, the effects of the technological developments of computers & high speed comms.

These changes affect things like the increasing the piousness of national borders.

These are things that governments (and individuals) can't stop. Things that each society at a national level will deal with by setting its legal & policy frameworks, according to where it thinks it wants to be in the future. That does not mean they will actually get there.

As I’ve say before, I think we are in the ‘Information Age Transition Crisis’. Where governments, corporations & individuals are scrambling to adapt to unwanted change they can’t stop.

Cam, what did you think of my 'farmers & truckers' reply/post. Any value or just s*@t?

On the car front, I picked up a secord hand commadore as a filler. Had been planning to replace the 'old girl' (was just 15K short of the magic 500K) at the end of the year. So much for the plans of mice and men.

Helen, chat lover

Those online chats are perfect for those who are really interested in the question. That's really easy to ask questions. But the problem is that so many people do that it's hard for the person who answers to follow all questions and pick up really good ones.

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