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Friday, March 17, 2006


Phillip Molly Malone

Oh, I thought you were the nut in this analogy!

Des Paroz

Cam, great story. I can (will) use this in productivity analogies, and also in karate talks.

Cheers mate.

william dutton

oh the humour, the simpsons eposide where homer does not want to let go of the can's of softdrink and so is stuck waiting for someone to rescue him.


Nice post.

I have done something very similar in that I used equity is assets to free myself from wage slavedom whilst I pursued some dreams.

In this sense I got to keep the asset (putting money in my pocket) and use it's value at the same time.

yaakov kirschen

"Catching spider monkeys" is a great story, but if you actually believe it I've got some locked funds in Nigeria I'd like your help in releasing...
Dry Bones
Israel's Political Comic
Strip since 1973


I suspected 'urban legend' and checked wikipedia but nothing was available under 'spider monkey' there.

Have you found some evidence Dry Bones to support this?


Hi This Story is prevailing in India too, but the monkey is not spider monkey.

Indian Story too has the same line and tone and it represents the stubbornness of people to stick to silly matters, instead of seeing the big picture.

Any way i am happy to see a similar story spread in West.



Yer, I've heard it call the 'South India Money Trap'.

Like the high paid contractor (in an old technology area) who want/can't go to a lower paying gigs that will give him the new, improved skill set.

chelsea cox


piranha in the amazon

very wierd story.Anways what do they do after they capture the monkeys?

Miriam Parkinson

My dad had a lolly jar like that when I was a kid...


there r liveing breathing things not to be throne into a bag


heyy there im doing a science project and i choose this kind of animal!!! well i choose this kind of monkey because i love monkeys and im on a travaling volleyball team and we are called shendandoah spiders!!!


This is a great story for drug users and people with other such compulsivities.

You can see this in action of you watch a movie called Animals are Beautiful People, but the same people who wrote and produced The Gods Must be Crazy. A bushman traps a baboon this way.


Hey this is a great page od information, the first time i heard of spider monkeys it was when my brother was being silly and putting names together that sounded stupuid so anyway he started yelling spider monkeys and being silly and mum said that there is such things as spider monkeys. lol
but when i heard that name i wondered how spider monkeys got there name. Do you know how spider monkeys got their name?


i have no clue why i am \writing this but i need help finding info on spider monkey nosies

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