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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Ewan Spence

No, everyone, stay at your desks - we want to have ALL the fun! In any case whens the Seattle gig Cam?

Phillip Molly Malone

And you wonder why the press hate you!
PS. Good luck tomorrow morning.

AFL Podcast

Sean Kelly

If you do end up in Seattle, I'll treat for coffee!

Rob Irwin

Travelling the world on other people's tabs... getting asked your opinion on things... speaking to interesting people on a daily basis... yeah, you know, you might just have something to make me jealous, Cam... if IT journo's weren't doing it already ;-)

Cameron Reilly

oh yeah Rob, I'm sure you meet the cream of the crop writing for Computer Reseller News. All those crazy SAP architects. Wicked.

Rob Irwin

*Cough* *Cough* *Splutter*

You got the title wrong but, anyway, you're right, I just don't know where I find the time to do boring stuff like that in between doing big research jobs on Xbox or pulling together features on ball-tearingly fast Core Duo notebooks or delving into things like Origami.

Truth be told, I haven't spoken to anyone like SAP since my PC Week days. You remember PC Week... I was your good mate Spencer!

Which raises a good point... look back on the last 10 years I've been doing this stuff compared to... what? 18 months that you've been getting around out of an office? I dunno... you might just have to accept that you're not the only bloke on a good wicket and that all these IT journos you have a habit of bumping into probably go on 5 times the junkets and to 10 times the IT conferences you do, each year! Don't worry... the more you do, the less you'll feel the need to rub it in your reader's faces.

[Which brings me to the only reason I'm saying any of this -- it's because of you baiting your readership with frequent, "I'm better than you" posts and I finally got ticked off with it! :)]

Cameron Reilly

Actually Rob my lad, I think you'll find there's a heck of a difference between my life and a mere journalists. For one, I don't have a boss. I do what I please, when I please, with whom I please. Tell me you can do that - go on, please. There's more ways in which my situation is LIGHT YEARS different from yours... but I don't want to share all of those just yet - I don't want to depress you too much.

And these aren't "I'm better than you" posts (although perhaps I am, but that's another point entirely). These are "get off your lazy ass and come play with me" posts.

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