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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Paul Montgomery

I went there and it was telling me that Firefox had JavaScript turned off when clearly it did not. LOSE.

Geoff Appleby

I went there andit was telling me that I couldn't even use the site because I wasn't using firefox. Bzzzt - big lose! Never going back :)

william dutton

very nice, very nifty, now if only i can get the university off the microsoft band wagon, which is very hard when we get ALL out software for free or very cheaply.

Mike P

Hmm - likewise I had a problem with this site - went there and got a big fat zero...nada, nothing. Now if my browser type/version/settings are wrong tell me - just don't leave me wondering.
I'm with you on the viability of ajax apps, but it's like desktop linux - if you want to be taken seriously by the CIO then you have to take away his support grief, not just cut the budget. A department of whining people who can't open their apps to 'do the business' is their worst nightmare.
And, yes, OWA was the eye-opener. a well-hidden little gem that scared the living daylights out of the Office product group.

Mike P

OK - bit more fiddling and got it sorted - looks good.


I got the following message:

Your browser does not support this application.

Please download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox from http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/.

The funny thing is I _AM_ running the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. I knew my user agent string hackery would come back to bite me one day. Equally funny is that ajaxWrite doesn't use "AJAX" in the sense that it is typically meant - it uses mozilla's XUL instead.


I don't know boys, this worked first time for me! Good find Cameron!

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