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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Phillip Molly Malone

Bad luck dude. If its any consolation I didn't get mentioned either. Good to see my mates over at Footytalk.com.au got a mention. They are very good. There another you should Poach (especially if Pete's to busy to do his show). Even if Pete's not, you could start an AFL Channel type thing. Let the FT guys do the Preview/Review issue show and have Pete doing an interview show with his great contacts that he has.


Ewan Spence

Remember the Media is always going to go with teh single person 'hobby' story rather than "look it's a fekkin empire in Oz that can take over the world and destroy us" story...

Trevor Cook

I'm glad someone reads those columns!

Bob M

Well, there's always the Australian Financial Review, Cam.

None of the movers and shakers take The Age seriously anyway.

Rob Irwin

I'm not familiar with that writer's name amongst the gang of Sydney and Melbourne IT journalists I'm a part of, Cam. He would be, I imagine, a freelancer. As such, he might not neccessarily have complete knowledge of the topic he's writing about -- which is just the way it goes with freelancer's, sometimes -- which could epxlain the oversight. It doesn't make it right... infact, it's a glaring omission, but it could be the reason why.

If Nathan Cochrane is reading, he might like to clarify?

Paul Montgomery

But you're so lovable, Cam!

Thomas Reynolds

Well I love you Cameron and I'm a freelance journo

A freelance motorcycle journo, so I hope it counts.

LOVE the digiphoto podcast. Really useful stuff


Nathan Cochrane

David Adams is a freelancer, but a classically trained journalist of the first order. He has written extensively on IT but he is not a boffin -- usually why he is so good at it.

I can not think why he wouldn't have included TPN, however TPN has got a lot of press so it may have been a conscious decision to give some lesser known people a chance in the spotlight. Not every story on podcasting is going to include you Cameron, or TPN.

I take it the head: "journalists hate me" is a bit of humorous self-deprecating irony rather than a serious comment, which would seem to indicate a lot of hubris and a chip the size of a small Tasmanian rainforest on the crest of the scapular.

Esp given this coverage:
which included a huge p1 picture of your grinning mug:


And the fact that you were on the ABC pilot of which you blogged (at my suggestion) and that you are being interviewed for a piece in our papers as I write this.

If that is "hate", how to define "love"?


Cameron Reilly

Nathan, I take EVERY article on podcasting that doesn't reference TPN as a personal attack. As my shrink (who I'm to see in five minutes) would quickly tell you, it's all about my daddy not loving me enough. I need external validation.

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