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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Andrew Mitchell

What time does it start? I can't see a time on the webpage.


Cameron Reilly

yeah i couldn't figure that our either.


I'll be there, don't care what time it is. Would like to meet up if you're around beforehand too, Cam.


It's at 7.30 and is $15: http://www.acmi.net.au/BA17967BB1424924A6D041E3BE89423E.jsp


Oh heck, I am so there. Thank god I check your site every now and then Cam! ;)

To think I got you onto the Doc, and now it's you informing ME of his happenings!

Rob Irwin

To travel so far for 24 hours is just insane. Whoever organised his schedule should be shot. I once did a 36 hour turnaround to Seattle and that was crazy enough.


I'll be there....catch up afterwards.


Sounds like it will be well worth it...

Where are we going to meet up?

Stephen Edgar

Anyone going to go to this?

Drinks in Fed² before hand?

Cameron Reilly

yeah I'm definitely going. I think mebbe drinks afterwards?

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