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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Sean Kelly

Yeah, I listened to it today at work (I'm one of your six listeners), while I was compiling WMP. What impressed me most was how different you sound on g'day world when you are trying to impress your guest. All business, no cursing, no locker-room humor, I can see (hear) now how it would be possible for you to actually convince investors to part with their money. Not that I mind the typical format on g'day world (Overall I enjoy the program immeasurably), it was just nice to hear your business side.

The preceeding comment is provided AS IS and confers no rights. The lawyers made me say that. :-)

Cameron Reilly

ROFL. Thanks Sean. I worked the corporate scene for 20 years mate, so I can "do the corporate thing" when I have to. When I'm just talking with my mates, it's different. And I consider anyone who listens to my show my mate. :-)

Ben Barren

yup ive flown with them (spent all night in a london airport to get a 6am flight to niece that u had to check into 2 hours before and was a 100 pound taxi from central london) often the flights cost more in tax than travel. oh and that "travel ecommerce pure play gday world interview" was tres funny in terms of your interviewees voice, did u mess with it in audacity ? ;) BB

william dutton

very nice deal. would love to go visit them places when i am older, or have had a full time job for 6months, being a student don't help with all this non vsu donational thingys that i don't get any benifet from.


as with most things, you get what you pay for with Ryanair: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,1708715,00.html

Nicole Simon

Lübeck is Ryanair City - which makes it easy for me to get to London. Hamburg, the next 'real' airport, is like at least 75 minutes of driving which is highly annoying.

From my point of view, you get what you pay for: No free drinks or food, but if you want, you can order some. Quite big planes (3 seats on each row) and attentive flight attendents. They only speak English (and not German) but that is okay too.

Hassle free website, good product: I like Ryanair.


Guess Aussies aren't big enough shoppers to make it worth while doing.

Could you imagine how much you would have to shop in say Berlin, to make it worth Berlin while!

Jan Reilly

Yep. Anita & I have flown with them. Toughest Airline I've ever flown with as far as baggage weight etc & really know how to charge BIG time if your the slightest bit over. OK I suppose if your a day tripper as far as domestic for business or what have you, but tough if your an overseas traveller.

Daniel McPherson

Hey Cam...

I actually use these guys all the time over here in UK (well, when flying for holidays, would never use them for business)...

They have added many "innovations" to the flying business model, one of them being to charge the airports they land at for the traffic they bring. (this has occasionally meant they have fallen foul of the EU, as some airports are owned by the government, and this is then seen as a government subsidy) Some of the others include:

1. No allocated seats, so everyone races onto the plane to get a good seat, improving their turn around time and therefore keeping their planes in the air longer. It is like a stampede, you get a sequence number on your ticket which is when you checked in, and the first XX get to board in the first wave, again encouraging people to check in and arrive at the gate early.

2. They close the check in SHARP, and when its closed, its closed and they can resell your ticket. Again, it means people are always on time.

3. The airports they fly to are often pretty obscure, often they are a *long* way from the city you want to visit. You really have to check, for example the "Florence" airport is MILES away from Florence. There have been court battles over how close an airport has to be to a city before you can call it the "XXX Airport". This often means the cheap ticket is a false economy as the extra transport to get in costs a fortune.

4. They are always running these "amazing sales", and while I have snagged a few, you will also often find that things are stacked, like the outbound for £4.00, then the return for £150.00, for example over public holidays. When you get one its great though.

5. They have recently started charging for "Hold Luggage", this decreases their handling fees and their turn around times. Easyjet for example also has an "Unlimited weight" on hand luggage. Someone is really going to do themselves a mischief!

6. You have to buy all your refreshments at "movie cinema" prices when on the plane, in fact when flying with them you feel like you are shopping sitting down.

7. The tickets are flexible, but the costs involved in changing can be pretty steep. I have often just had to let tickets lapse because it's not worth changing the flight.

Ryanair has LOTS of competitors over here (Europe wide), Easyjet being the biggest. And they are springing up ALL the time.

So there you go...I thought the whole idea of Virgin Airlines in Aus was to bring these sorts of ideas? In the US they have jetblue and a few others doing the same sort of thing... I have to say we are pretty spoilt, travelling around europe is really just like getting on a bus, and not much more expensive....

Hope you are well.



Ryan Air ...what a mess

I flew from Rome to London yesterday. In front of me was a family of 4. They had one suit case which weighed 33kg. Ryanair wanted to charge them 13 kilo excess luggage at £ 5.50/kilo.So here is what i dont understand . This family could have had 4 suitcases each weighing 20kg = 80kg, but had to pay excess as the wanted to just travel with one. How crazy is that. ( not even family memebers can pool their luggage allowance.) in the end the family had to go and buy a suitcase to distribute the luggage and check in again . That is customer supposrt at its best
Now the rules are clearly stated in the fine prints if you have time to read them, but that doesnt make this rule any less rediculous.

Well Ryanair..me and my family will never fly you on holiday

By the way just in case anyone wants to make a point how cheap Ryanair are..I paid 175 pounds per ticket.


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