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Friday, October 07, 2005


Chris Deke

Dammit, I liked Gloria Jeans. Now I'm going to have to go find more Starbucks' instead. Frakkin hillsong goons.


I've always thought GJ was a bit too bitter. I much prefer Caffè from my local café.


Well I don't frequent coffee houses but I am against "forcing" relgion on to anyone.

THis is just plain wrong and shouldn't be allowed to happen. Maybe they could have a donation bin or something like that if people volunteer to donate but you shouldn't be "forced" to donate which is happening in this case.


Lucky I gave up coffee :)

Delicate Genius

Good reporting there Reilly.

Hopefully knowing this leaves a bitter taste in peoples (or at least the thinking mans) mouths (pun intended).

You sound surprised that there a local leaders who partake in "homosexual paedophile activities". That's what happens when you partake in un-natural restraint.

Time to find a local independently run cafe kids. You'll get some good coffee while supporting local business.

Gloria Jeans has become the Australian Starbucks, employing the - infect the local market, kill off everything in sight then ease back to a sustainable retail presence approach. We have half a dozen of them in our local area!

The only way you'd get me into a Gloria Jeans is if they start selling Chocolate Jesus' with their coffees :-)

On a side note, JJJ did a brief Hack segment on Marketing Jesus.



Can you ask not to have any money from your purchase be donated as you don't believe in the cause?


Yea I just like posting comments to boost Cam's ego....

but if I was a store owner in a Gloria Jeans franchise am I required under the franchise agreement to partake in something like this or am I able to opt out. If I chose to opt out would I be able to donate the money to another charity of my own choosing.

I am not a lawyer or have any franchise experience but am curious on how these kind of decisions affect franchise owners.

Cameron Reilly

Good to see you're another Waits fan Genius! A shame neither of us got his hat! I've spent the morning in a South Melbourne café I like, and I checked with the owner - he assures me the money I give him today will not be spent on a religious propaganda drive on people with serious emotional issues.

Bill Dilley

I love how people like you can paint entire organizations and their member bases with assumptions as long as they are based on religion. God forbid somebody does this about any other group of people on the planet lest you label them prejudiced. If you don't like the way a charity is helping people, why don't you create a charity to help those same people or at the very least recommend one that might do a better job in your opinion?

I'm not a very religious person at all, but it makes me sick to my stomach when 'progressives' piss all over people just because they are religious. What's even worse is that none of your fanboys call you on it.

Thanks for easing my blogroll by 1 entry.

Cameron Reilly

Bill, just to clarify, how did I "paint" them?

And I'm currently working with the President of Open Families on a program for those same people, so... thanks, but I'm onto it. BTW, the President is a Catholic priest, but the organisation is secular.

Again, exactly how did I "piss" on the organisations I mentioned?

I just re-read my post and I can't see where I've dissed them at all. I said they are Christian. I said they are scary. I said they have some pretty bad skeletons that many people may not know about.

I appreciate your comments, but I don't see how I'm doing what you're accusing me of. Perhaps you can enlighten me.


Bill, I see little difference between a religious based assistance program like Mercy and the religious based programs that stole a generation of American Indian and Australian Aboriginal children. As a society we will look back on these brainwashing programs as nothing more than abuse and with the same disgust and shame we feel about the stolen generation.

Just because a group of people think they are do-gooding for society, doesn't mean that they are not causing harm. For example I can already see one area that Mercy is directly contradicting the American Psychiatric Association (APA). You see they offer assistance for young woman to cure them from being homosexual or bisexual. This directly goes against the APA's ruling that sexuality is not a mental illness that needs fixing. Now I found that out after a few minutes of reading their own FAQ, I wonder what other damaging and dangerous practices they are free to do with out anyone questioning them because they are a good little Christian assistance program.

I'm not a religious person but I support people's right to practice religion, however it makes me sick to my stomach when people feel that a group is above stated professional standards because they are a religious group. What's worse is that these religious based programs often stop people from getting the profession help they really do need.


What freaks me out is that Jesus gets knocked for the wrongs that humans did. Many wrong things have been done in His name. No wonder then when people do try to help and they proclaim to be Christians, that they get knocked for it. Cut us Christians some slack, we are at least trying to make a difference. Personally I would love some Jesus with my coffee and appreciate it that somebody is trying to make a difference.

Cameron Reilly

Karin, I don't think anyone here is knocking your Jesus. And I don't doubt that many Christians think they are trying to help. Some of us are concerned about the approach that you take to help others - especially when the people you are trying to help are already in an emotionally fragile state. And we're also concerned when fundamentalist evangelism in slipped under the carpet and not stated up front in this sort of campaign. It isn't transparent and it's deceitful.


Ahhhh... Ignorance is bliss. It's ironic that most of the posters here demonstrate the same closed minded bigotry that they accuse churches (particularly Hillsong) of.

Is it fair to say that some churches (particularly those in the US) try and force there values on people? Absolutely. Was the father of the head pastor of Hillsong caught for child abuse? Yes. Was this openly disclosed by the church? Yes. Was he removed from Church staff and his behaviour denounced? Yes. How is something that was publicly admitted by a church a skeleton in the closet? This presents a stark contrast to the coverups of abuse by the Catholic Church.

I believe we should become very concerned if churches in Australia become like some of those in the US but being an Evengelical church with an MP in the congregation does not make this anything like an American Church. To defend all churches as being paragons of virtue would be as ignorant as accusing Hillsong of being a negative influence in the community as some of you have done.

While Cameron doesn't let the facts get in the way of a great conspiracy theory, I would suggest that any of you who read and believe that his writings paint the full picture should remove your tinfoil hats and research the whole truth for yourselves.

Some of the facts Cameron have written are true. However, by only selectively publishing facts to support his argument, he lacks any sort of credibility to authoritively comment on matters such as these.

It makes it laughable when Cameron blusters on about transparency and deceitfulness.

You are entitled to your opinion Cameron, it's a shame that you don't have the ability to present a balanced and insightful argument to support it.


Did you know that Sanitarium is owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. That's where your money's going when you have Weet Bix.


If you have such a problem with it, start up your own charity to help people that need it.

It's everyone's right to believe what they want, but at least they're trying to help people. Many of us, including myself, can't say we've done much to help this group of very needy Australians.

Are you going to stop supporting the Salvo's cause they're attached to a church too?

As for seperation of church and state ... are you saying that MP's are not entitled to freedom of religion as the rest of us are? What sort of country are we living in if someone isn't allowed to participate in the religion of their choosing!

Either help society more than these "evil" christians you so obviously hate and fear, or get over it already.


Many folks confuse both God and Church and walk away from both.

I reckon the greatest enemy to what Jesus Christ was trying to achieve on the earth is Christianity. The last place he'd visit if he turned up again today would be a church.


Camerons heaps shit.


Hey Cam, lighten up!

I used to be one of those messed up girls that SOME people try to help. I wouldn't be alive and well if it wasn't for church people helping me get past my pain. Your bitterness shows you've got pain and ignorance of your own, so maybe you shouldn't knock what you don't know. Ignorance makes one a fool! Helloooo Cam?

What do YOU do in your daily life that contributes something positive to someone elses life other than your own selfish ambitions?

Did Gloria Jeans rob you of your free will choice to buy a coffee on those 2 days? NO. Did they give you an opportunity to help someone else just by doing something you would normally do? YES.

What a silly boy you are. If ANYone reads the prejudice of the SMH and the NYT and whats worse BELIEVES it, then your head is screwed. You've already believed lies which are keeping you from the truth. CAM - LET YOUR JOURNEY BEGIN!


Cameron Reilly

Rhoni... my bitterness? Where did you read "bitterness" into the story? What do I sound bitter about? I have serious concerns about fundamentalists. I'm glad you found help and feel that church people helped you. As for what I do... I'd go into details but it's tacky to talk about such things in public. It sounds like self-promotion and self-justification, and god knows I do enough of both of those things already. I don't do enough however and am constantly trying to find ways to do more. Check out the show I do with Father Bob for more info.


i disagree completely. how would you know what messed up girls need? and frankly, how can showing girls (or anyone) ideals that help others hurt them? and what if what they preached is actually correct? one paedophile is a tragedy in ANY setting, letalone in a trusted leadership position, but i guarantee you there are more in your neighbourhood/workplace/school/whatever than in churches like that one. i don't even particularly like that church for other reasons, but i must say it's harder for a paedophile to be in a place like that than anywhere else (like a church that requires men to not be married - that's a paedophilia magnet if you ask me!) tragic but true.

anyway - Jesus said "go into all the world and make disciples of all men", mohommad said "it is your duty, right and obligation as a muslim to kill the infidel" (anyone who renounces faith in allah) and ghandi said "don't hit me, i'm just a skinny indian" -- well i made that last one up, but felt the need to round off the religious debate.

i just think that showing women pure love, acceptance, truth, and forgiveness ain't gonna hurt them much. what i find scary is that YOU aren't doing any of the above for anyone.


btw - kurzweil is a genius. i don't agree with everything he says, but he doesn't agree with everything i say either!

he's really a modern da vinci...


wow...these are some of the most hectic things ive read on the internet, but i choose not to judge you all, me knowing personally the founders of GJcoffees and B+bobbie this shocks me... if u look further into your ridiculous allegations ull find out B+bobbie were right + doing no wrong (the office of fair trading...), and about Brians father...did you mention that Brian had to ask his father to leave the AOG leadership, that's like being fired by your son, so its known how hard that was for brian but he did it, he is an awesome man of God. we are all sinners although we choose God, we fall too...

i actually cant believe wat an issue it is to give SOME money away...life shud b lived to serve others not ourselves, isnt it something ridiculous like 50cents...

we all entitled to our own opinions... mine are TOTALLY opposite to yours but why dont you go to Hillsong and give God a chance or if u have another religion surely it somewhere states to RESPECT others religion??

they awesome people... i love them so much... i hope you all find God somewhere, someday... :)


who gives a crap who is who or where is where. hillsong or whatever. they can sing songs on a hill or on a mountain. and they can get politicians into parliament and do a political crusade.
i dont care i'm still gonna have the awesome gloria jean coffees because they taste good. who cares about anything else about the owners or whatever lol

Jesus - The most important man that never lived

A cynical attempt to funnel charity money raised by coffee franchises back into the pockets of the Hillsong Church and their cronies.

Check out the charities that Gloria Jeans coffee support, mercy ministeries and opportunity international for example.

Every cup of coffee bought their is a nail in the coffin of sexual liberation and free thought (Hillsong belive in creationism not evolution for example).

As to the good that their charities do, they are only doing them to convert people to their negative fall redemption christianity.

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