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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Bob M

I'd reckon having your own video camera set up to record the interview will have them freaking out and getting on the cellphone. What they consider to be copyright issues may arise. Should prompt some interesting questions from them ....

On the other hand, they may be as cool as.

Phillip Molly Malone

Forget those guys man. They are old media. Theres this guy on the internet that keeps tell me there dead like the cave men! ;-)

But serious, congrats! Should have Kerry knocking on the door any minutue now.

Ross Chapman

Ahhh. 42.5 Minutes. The pinnacle of Austrlian journalism. See if you can get som caviar out of Mike Carlton's esky.

Good for you dude. You guys are doing good deeds and deserve the recognition. I'm addicted to podcasting now, and yours was the first one i got.



how much for a mention that makes it to air?


Congrats Cameron!

Just make sure your servers are ready for the influx of visitors.

Adam Bomb

You know what would be great? For you to point out your great international audience, and your shows targetted at North American listners, like The NBA Show...
nice work guys.




Congrats Cam,

Good Luck and hope you give the Australian podcasting cmmunity a big boost.

Cheers Matt


Way to go, Cameron! Should be an interesting experience...I can't wait to hear about it. Are you going to wear your trademark shades?


Don't forget your tablet PC and bring up your Radio is Boring message for the world to see.

Scott Sherman

Wow! You were just interviewed for radio and now the telly! Maybe next week, you'll really hit it big and be interviewed for a podcast !

michael quinn

What's the actual 60 mins story about? Have they given you much information about what angle they are planning to take?

Rob Irwin

I get the feeling some of these respondants are assuming its the US version of 60 Minutes, as if a localised, Australian version couldn't possibly exist...


Yeah they are!

Guys its this 60 mins http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/sixtyminutes/

Hosted by a guy whos mother cuts his hair using a bowl

Cheers Matt

Cameron Reilly

yeah it's the Aussie 60 Minutes folks, but I'm sure the US show will want to use it, I am so much fun! And yes, I intend wearing the sunnies. And yes, we have discussed the "angle" but I don't want to spoil the surprise, you have to watch. My dear wife Belinda tells me there is NO WAY the 60 Minutes crew will let me video the interview. So watch the show folks! And, whatever you do, please don't record it and please don't make it available over BIT TORRENT. Please.

Phillip Molly Malone

What about hidden Mics (like Mick did with the Today show)?

michael quinn

Give you a dollar if you scratch or touch your nose during each answer :)

Cameron Reilly

Molly - nah I don't want to be sneaky. I want them to dig the idea and grok to the idea.

Michael - a dollar? you wanna make it a little more interesting?


Congrats guys! I goddamn hate 60 minutes but the exposure will be great for you. :)

michael quinn

Double or nothing on all the coffees you owe me ? :)

Trevor Cook


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