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Sunday, July 17, 2005



LOL Cam. I kept seeing all these posts showing up and wondering why something so old was still generating so much interest. Almost makes me glad I have a 3G Ipod.


Ok So i got an 20gb iPod for my birthday and i load all the song to my ipod in the wav encoder. I read the little booklet that came with it and it didn't help much. i have 507 songs on my ipod and it says i have 17.26GB used and 1.30GB available... Im supposed to be able to have like 5,000 songs right. how to i make the music files smaller? Do i have to reimport everything? or is there a way to covert the music files into smaller formats?


i have a 20gb ipod and i have lost my library in itunes..is there a way to transfer my 2700 songs from my ipod to my library without losing everything.....help

Craig A Stott

I have a mini Ipod,I have not used in a couple months. So today I go to use it and all of my albums are gone. Can you tell if and how I can retrive them?


HELP!! My 40GB ipod is less than a year old. I have over 1600 songs in the library; unfortunately the ipod will remember less than 1300. HOw do I get the rest of the songs onto the ipod? Also, it freezes up I undo all the stuff the book says than put it all back on, sometime I end up with 0 songs or under 1300 songs;but NEVER all of the songs.
Please,PLease, PLEASE help me


Hi, I have a 20gb ipod...the one with the back shuffle, menu, play/pause and forward shuffle buttons over the top of the wheel with the select button in the middle. The window display shows an icon showing a file with an exclamation mark over it. Ive tried the few things apple advise on the web page already. When the ipod is plugged into the computer, I can only see the ipod in my computer - itunes does not automatically open up anymore (it used to)Can you suggest anything to help please?


Hi, i am using an Ipod mini (4Gb), software version 1.4
now the thing is that i deleted all the song that was there in my Ipod, after deleting it through Itunes, it says that i have 2.9Gb space available and 847Mb is used. i also resetted the Ipod, still the same.. my question is that wht is that 847 Mb being used for, and how do i get that space cleared???cause 847 Mb is a lot of space to loose..
please advice me what is to be done..
hope to hear from u soon.


i have an ipod that got totally drained of power and i lost my will jack charger. i had my friend try and charger it up and it works when it is connected to his power jack. But when you take it off his it shows the apple when you start up and then a low battery picture. i want to know why when i try to charge with my USB cable it doesn't charge it. Also my iTunes doesn't recognize my ipod.
Hope you can help!


My mini ipod froze wen i went to music quiz n now i cant do anything it just stuck on that part (music quiz) please help me id highly appreciate it thank you


Hey Man,
I´m travelling through South America and Altitude has severly messed up my mini ipod, when it did turn on it gave me the sad computer and the battery exclamation, but now it won´t turn on at all, and I´ve reset it millions of times. Can you suggest anything new?


I have a mini Ipod and when I try to turn it on it does not work and when I restart it it shows me the apple sign then it turns off


Can anyone tell me how to move my iTunes database please?
I have a new hard drive and want to move everything over to that without screwing up all the links!


I have a 20giga ipod and it kept getting the battery sign with exclamation point. I followed the put in disk mode on the apple website and now all my albums are gone. Can I get it back with out the computer on which they were transferred?

Alisha Ison

I bought my daughter a 5th generation ipod off of apple.com, she had it a week and the screen on the inside is cracked. I sent it to apple they they cant fix it under my warranty but they can if i want to pay 300.00. Is there anyone that i can send it to, to fix it without having to pay an arm and leg for it...

Thanks Alisha


My son's 20G IPod will start, the menu will flash, and then the screen will go blank. It does this about 3 to four times and then the battery sign shows up. Any suggestions?


does anyone have any idea whats wrong?
I have a 20gb iPod click wheel. When i push the button to turn it on the apple logo turns on and then a battery with an exclamation point comes on. None of my computers recognise the ipod and there is nothing wrong with my cables or anything. I HATE APPLE lol




Need help I have a 5th generation apple ipod i have music video on my hard drive but.......i cannot get it onto my I pod. i tried converting the files which worked but there was no volume after transfer.

Please let me know if you could help


When I try to update my 1Gig iPod shuffle I keep getting a message that says "attempting to copy to the disk failed. The disk could not be read from or written to"
Do you know what the hell this means and what I need to do? The people at Apple did a pretty lousy job at explaining the whole thing to me.

Dr. Bishop E. Finney

Excuse me sir,
I lost my ipod password and sinnce it is locked i cannot do anything with it i have searched all the sites possible on the internet so i thought you could help me please,
thank you if my email dosen't work could you post it on your site and i will see it.


I have a message on my 60g ipod..."DISK DRIVE...Ok to disconect". It's locked up on that message. Any ideas?



Every time I try and sync my iPod with iTunes (PC-Laptop), iTunes takes about four minutes to recognize that there is an iPod connected. It then forces me through the set up process every time... It never recognizes the iPod when I sync it for the second time. I've gone repaired iTunes, uninstalled and reinstalled it, threw it on the ground, everything... Any suggestions?


I have a 20gb click wheel and it freezes up and a tech support icon displays in the window. It seems that the battery is not charging and I have rebooted the program once. What must I do now that when i plug up the ipod and my computer doesnt even recognize it. Help Please.


I must have in appapropriately disconnected my ipod. Now ipod doesn't register in itunes and I get the message "iTunes cannot read the contents of iPod. Use the iPod updater to restore" I can't use the iPod updater to restore because iTunes doesn't register the iPod and therefore the update iPod option under file isn't available to me.

Any suggestions?


I have the exact same problem, but worse because before itunes did that to me, it (or my ipod, don't know which) deleted all my songs. (that i did not have backed up.) Please let me know if you figure out how to fix this, because I'm totally dying over here. Not to mention that I sent my ipod to apple last week, and I checked the repair status-it says that there's "no trouble found" and that the ipod is being sent back to me. I kind of want to kick some apple ass. I've only had it for less than 4 months.

Nabeel awan

i have an ipod photo 4th generation 40 gb. and the problem is when i turn it on.it gives me the sad ipod..then i force it into the disk mode it successfully
goes in the disk mode saying disk mode ok to disconnect (when no keys are working).then i plug it into the computer
now the computer and ipod both detect each other (in ipod it says do not disconnect and the battery starts chargin as appears) and in the computer it detects
it as a USB device.....BUT after like 5-7 seconds the ipod restarts to the same sad face automatically..and the computer disconnects the connection as well.
THEN when i restart the ipod (WHILE CONNECTED TO THE COMPUTERS USB) IT SHOWS me the bad battery icon
can anyone please tell me if i m missing any step or what could be wrong with the ipod.
thanx alot..pardon my forum manners because i am really new here.

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