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Monday, June 20, 2005



I used to play Dune 2 on a laptop with a trackpad years ago, until I realised I had taken the top couple of layers of skin off my fingertip. Dangerous things, those games.

Phillip Molly Malone

We are big Mario Party fans in my house hold and the first one had a lot of games where you had to spin the little joystick. People (including my family and friends) tried so hard (from memory) they developed blister on the palm of their hands.
The problem got to such a point that Nintendo had to offer owners a glove!
Heres a link to the consumer report:


Eddie de Bear

Hahahaha, I remember the first time I ended up with a numb thumb... Over time I built up a resistance to this.. Now, I just have an overly developed thumb that clicks and makes all sorts of horrible noises...

I think I should see a doctor.. :)


Heh. As a teenager I developed a similar numbness in the entire right arm. Don't think I was the only one either...

Cameron Reilly

geeezus Josh, that's a LITTLE more information than we needed about you, but thanks. I'll never read the Bulletin the same way again. :-)

Rob Irwin

Yes, but for most teenagers it has nothing to do with gaming...!


Cam. It's CV. Just spoke with my wife about it (shes an ICU nurse). Apparently the fingers and thumb have very sensitive nerve endings that link into the nerves for your neck and your heart.... she said you should not be feeling any numbness and should really get it checked out.... nah Just kidding!! made all that up! Just stick it in some boling water, I'm sure that will get it moving again!!


You've got X-Thumb...I get it from playing Halo 2 : D

It'll pass...but seriously, you've probably just got some swelling that is pressing on your nerves and causing numbness.

Makes me want to check out Revenge of the Sith for X-Box though!

Cameron Reilly

hehe. I've NEVER had this before and I've played LOTS of XBOX. Fortunately the numbness seems to have gone mostly away, but it took 4 days! That's pretty scary!


Although your message was written last June, I`ll answer it anyway, maybe you`ll see it. I had the same problem, but from lifting heavy groceries. I bought a bunch of groceries and carried them home for about 5 blocks in my right hand. When I got home the tip of my middle finger was numb and still is numb 5 days later. I talked to someone who told me it inflamed a nerve and it will take a while to get better, I hope, although I must say it does feel like it is getting better everyday. It feels like I got something covering the tip of my finger.


i was very worry for the same issue. i got a numb thumb for over 24 hrs now from using a pair of small scissors. i was very concern thinking i may have any neurological disorder or something. i'm so glad to know that this is pretty common and it will go away in a few days!!

Doctor Mac

You should try playing X-Box with your dick on the controller. If you can get it to go numb for 4 days, it'll save you 7000$ worth of cocaine.

Cameron Reilly

ooooookkkkkkkkk thanks Dr Mac. Are you a GP I could, like, visit? Do you do house calls? Or do I only find you on the corner of Lexington and 125?


I too carried some groceries in from the car to the house and I had numberous plastic bags wrapped around my fingers. By the time I got in the house my fourth finger next to the pinkie was going to "sleep". You know it felt really prickly. Anyway I shook it and rubbed it,squeezed it.tapped it, thumped it and eventually it became less painful. I may see my doctor to let him record the injury, but for now I'm gonna wait ,its only been a day so I may get it checked out in a couple of weeks,pressure squeezing the nerves or a nerve.


Yeah i have a numb thumb right now becuz of scissors.. glad to here it'll go away soon..
p.s. if numbness starts at the rung finger.. its probably carpel tunnel syndrom..

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