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Friday, May 13, 2005


Rob Barac

lol. You guys are soooo fetching in black. You make a lovely couple.

On a serious note, a big congrats to both of you. TPN is a great idea and it will be a much bigger success than it already is.

TPN is a great idea, I hope to catch more feeds and a greater variety of feeds as you grow.

Kudos to you from (un)sunny Quebec!!

Rob Barac

OH, I forgot to say "TPN is a great idea."


Darren Rowse

I'm a little scared to click that link.....but here goes

Phillip "molly" Malone

On a slightly off topic. Just interested in way some people choose Video over audio. This for example. What benefit do I the viewer get from the video (apart from the Channel 9 Guy) over if you had of just had an audio version of this? I am not sure. I have the same question with a Video conference that our work does over whether we get the same benefit with a phone conference.

Having said the above, I still have to say that it was hard not to watch the video when listening to this. Don't take this as a critism as it isn't meant that way, its more a question about how we work as humans.

PS. Just for interest sakes, is it an easy thing to split the audio off of this and release it as well? I guess that the audio version of this would be about 10 - 20 megs but the video is 120megs. Just a thought/question.

Cameron Reilly

Molly: yeah I'm kind of unsure about the right applications of video as well. This was just something we did for ourselves. Of course, you all get to see how "fetching" we look in black. Thanks Rob. ;-) Hey it's Melbourne in Autumn. What else would we be wearing?? You know the rules down here.

Back to Molly. I had a discussion with a couple of academics a few years ago at some internet breakfast about video conferencing. I was skeptical about the value of seeing someone's face when I'm talking to them. They gave me a long lecture about "visual cues" and how much of our conversation is visual. Perhaps when someone watches a conversation like this, they pick up things in our body language that you don't get with just audio? And no, it isn't hard to break off the audio channel. I'll remember that for future 'casts.

Rob Irwin

It's gotta be Joel Edgerton...

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