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Saturday, January 22, 2005



Podcast as the next-generation of knowledge management tools - wow...that's interesting!

Nicole Simon (useful sounds)

Oh that is really interesting. I think that podcasting in business has it's place.

Technical side: The wikipedia definition puts too much weight on the mobile aspect and reduces it to mobile players. I would always expand this definition with the note, that this does not exclude listen to at work at your computer plus that handy is a mobile player too.

To have a mobile device is great but for a company this has to fit into their systems on more sides which includes the enevitable 'global it':
It needs to fit into the system plus no additional seperaten sync.

As far as the ipod shuffle seems to be so gorgious (small, cheap, ipod) i would see the existing pdas to be much more flexible in handling corporate audio as channel.

a) they already have a docking station and are easy to sync - i imagine a company thinking of having them a podast will have pda/smart phone as well

b) they are widely accepted and not only toys (i would consider the shuffle to be one except for special mac loving companies)

c) mp3 players are available for different kind of pda

d) syncing from an application like outlook is easy for all the steps.

This is for downstreaming. For answering and sharing, there should be a company telephone number where one could get into touch with each other (like the openpodcast).

"Please click one to answer on the newest podcast about x, 2 for ...."

That is only for the technical side, the implication from communication / psychological side ("i hate my voice - others will think i am stupid when talking" etc) will follow.

CD: I would be glad if most of the companies would even start with simple basic knowledgemanagement :(.

I could tell some stories but that would fall under releasing internal company information for some companies.

This is exciting. Will only take 100 years to come to germany also.

William Luu

Awesome Cameron!

Goodluck with this venture mate.

Gerald Buckley

Hey mate! Gerald from the states here. Wish you lots of success with your prospect.

I don't pretend to know how you're going to change the behaiour such that this co's workforce will sit down and listen to a one hour format. Entertainment value aside... One hour sitting/listening is one hour they're not selling/etc.

Happy to swap notes with you anytime or a Skype on G'Day would be fun too. I'm GeraldB28

Darren Rowse

Cameron Reilly - Pod Consultant....hehe

Michael Specht

Cameron, great to see companies looking into using the technology. I have been speculating over the last couple of months how the use of RSS internally to deliver both learning and knowledge objects directly to an employee's desktop. For example I might subscribe to a feed on "Acme Sales Strategy" and then on an ad-hoc basis as content is created it would be delivered to me via the RSS feed. The content could be not just blog posts and podcasts but anything that is created online. By using the enclosure tags powerpoint (ahhhh), spreadsheets, reports could all be delivered directly to employees. With many of the newsreaders now supporting authentication even semi-confidential content can be pushed out to the desktop. When I get settled I want to try and track down an RSS reader that supports LDAP to tie the authentication into the corporate network.

Essentially knowledge workers need fast clear and consistent information available to them when they need it. But I am probably telling you how to suck eggs ;-)


thanks for the feedback folks. It is pretty exciting, but might go nowhere. That said, I'm confident SOMETHING like this will happen somewhere in the next couple of months.

Gerald - there's lots of time spent in cars, trains, planes, gyms, etc. That's when I listen to podcasts. Not at the desk.

Michael - you're spot on. RSS can deliver it all.

CD - hmmmm. Is this KM? Maybe. Really what we're doing isnt anything different in practice to sending cds out to the team with info... except now the means of distribution is cheaper and real-time (well the time it takes to download a file) and the format is much more flexible (you can listen to it on your PC, portable media player, or burn it on a cd. You can copy it for friends. You can make copies for yourself.) and hopefully we can make the shows more interesting than anything produced by your atypical corporate department.

Anyway, I'll keep you in the loop folks.

Nicole Simon (useful sounds)

Cam, it is not 'like sending out cds' That is complicated work on both sides, efforts you won't take.

Podcasting describes a hassle-free, fun subscription process.

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