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Friday, October 22, 2004


you didn't help me at all you fuckin dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This didnt help



didn't help me at all but thanks...not


pls. tell me napoleon's three mistake i am a freshman in highschool and i need to find these answer's for my homework i am not rude or anything i just wanna know the answer



hi, I found the reasons for his downfall very useful, i wonder if you could outline the major points in this question?

To what extent can napoleon be considered a liberator in conquered european territories?



this didn't help at all


napoleon was fighting against the spanish who were using guerrila tactics he couldnt beat them this was the start of his downfall. he was then fighting on 2 fronts this was how he was finally defeated. his army was too depleated


napoleon was fighting against the spanish who were using guerrila tactics he couldnt beat them this was the start of his downfall. he was then fighting on 2 fronts this was how he was finally defeated. his army was too depleated

David Taylor

I thought your website suked you dont know anything about Napoleon!


mann ur site is useless, ppl like u make me madd becuz im in IB and i find out in the end that im reading something useless. U know i can bullshitt about napoleon and still have a useful site and by the way napoleon's downfall was caused by him believing in nationalism

napoleon wasn't short...he was 5"6

I must say this site isint complete....
I am presently doing my project on Napoleon and his downfall. It would be nice if you would of put up more details and facts regarding his downfall such as; explaining more the growing problem with nationalisim, his devastating attack on russia in 1812 in which he started out with 500000 strong men and came back with 40 000 since the russians kept on retriting and burning their own villages and cities in the case of moskow which left not many shelters for napoleons army and with not much food= dead soldiers. Also a bunch of countries(dont remember all of them) made an alliance against napoleon so he was realy fucked...
anyways just say more shit on this subject

lee gullett

hey i can fill you in a bit. one thing that hurt napoleon was the spanish using guerrila tactics against him. it made it impossible for him to use traditional battle lines and such. also it hurt his supply line (which would of been the target for the guerrilas instead of armed forces) also one thing that hurt was that in the invasion of russia the russians used a tactic called scorched earth. this is when you take all resources and anything not taken is burnt. this includes shelter. so that then the russians who are used to the cold of russia in winter where outside very comfartable in the weather napoleons forces were freezing. this made it hard for the french forces to fight back being hindered by the weather and lack of resources and shelter during winter. lastly in teh battle of waterloo the french calvarly was sent to attack the enemies weak flank fell(they fell out of formation and ran. this was the first time it had happened.) but in attacking the enemies flank he left his open and with no forces to return and protect it the enemy hit it hard and it caused napoleon to lose. also nationalism had nothing to do with it as said above because nationalism does work its seen in every country today. it was even the cause of wwI


What the fuck you didn't help me at all you IDIOT coward.


What about the fact that he used nepotism? Isn't that also a factor that lead to his downfall, since his siblings didn't know anything about ruling they just screwed themselves, as well as napoleon over. Also, I found that page to be quite useful, although it would help if it were a little more clear.

steph monaghan

omg i can't believe how wrong u all are, there isn't just 1 sole reason for Bonaparte's downfall! im doing my coursework on this very topic and my findings are:
from a miltary perspective, the Russian campaign of 1812 was the main cause for his downfall as he lost over 300,000 troops to the crippling conditons of Russia and the Russians' 'scorched earth' tactic which prevented Napoleon's army living off the land- a favoured tactic of his. It was also the reason for the elimination of Napoleon's 'invincinility'- no longer were foreign powers afraid of him and were more confident in battling against him, for example, the Battle of The Nations.
From a political and economic perspective, Britain and its opposition to Napoleon and his campaigns were the main reason for his downfall: the coalitions formed against him, the negative effect the continental system had and the constant military opposition against France, for example, in The Peninsular War of 1808.
However, you must consider other factors- the miltary and financial drain of the War in Spain which meant Napoleon was fighting on two fronts, indeed Napoleon himself claimed it to be "the Spanish Ulcer that ruined me". Also when evaluating his downfall another factor to be considered was Napoleon's own arrogance and deteriorating personal health- constantly holding him back and causing a decline in his military campaigns, where his enemies were learning to improve themselves and push back against him, for example, the third coalition and Battle at Leipzig.
My personal opinion is that it was the Russian campiagn, it was flawed,ill prepared, an arrogant and ill judged move which ultimately led to the crippling of the French forces and loss of the strength, power Napoleon held throughout Europe and a loss of the previous 'fear factor' he had possessed. Once he had lost this, the allies were not afraid to challenge him, and with a weak army and loss of power Napoleon could no longer hold his grasp over Europe, hence why he fell at the Battle of the Nations and was forced to resign, April 6th 1814.

Bolivia Bordwell

steph you are the biggest loser ever!!! napoleon has not had a downfall he is still alive and is a teacher at St Bede's College, omg i cant believe how wrong you are and how sad you are writing out an essay! WORST WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!!



Back in circa 1999/2000, didn't Time magazine list 'Invading Russia' as the greatest mistake of the second millennium!

nobody in particular

I think u guyz r really harsh. These ppl are only tryin 2 help and all u do is call them f***** cowards and idiots and all that. Hello??? You need 2 write ur own assignments, not get someone else 2 do them. And by the way, Napoleon's downfall was primarily attributed to his lack of communication and severe misjudgement of the British


u rly didny help idiots i want stuff 4 homework!!!

Cameron Reilly

learn to read a book zozo.

ladii infamous

diz pg stinkz need more infor


um thanks for doing my history project.

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