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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Frank Arrigo

i found a good write up about this at



Thanks Frank, but the site you pointed to seems to be related to "180 Search Assistant" which, it states, is unrelated to the Microsoft file I have on my system. I quote:
"When searching for "searchassistant" you will come across some entries with values that contain:

These keys belong to Microsoft, not 180solutions, and do not have anything to do with 180 Search Assistant."

Tony Schreiner

Search Assistant ships with XP, and along with Search Companion (the dog) is the default search in IE.

These can be changed, but there are a couple different registry keys for hooking searches (search explorer bar, auto search, etc.). Something must have inadvertently reset one of the keys to the defaults, that's all.

Cameron Reilly

Thanks for that explanation Tony. I'll put it down to an honest glitch associated with my OneNote install.

Clint Williams

I finally found this 180 search assistant today on my hard drive while hunting something and DELEATED IT through add remove programs. i AM USING ONLY WIN.98 BUT IT CAME UP AFTER INSTALLLING MS EXPLORER THE LAST TIME FROM BELL SOUTH NET SERVICE. HOPE IT STAYS GONE. THANKS FOR THE HELP.

URL changed to:

Matthew Doucette

We are now, finally, "Xona.com". The URL is permanately changed to:
http://www.xona.com/2004/07/18-2.html. I hope our article helps.


I thought "searchassistantOC" is a rogue Add-ons.

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